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CNBC ....Highlights Surf City Pickleball Society...


Local Guys...getting some play time in!!!!

WELCOME to Surf City USA & 

Surf City Pickleball Society  

For 13+ years volunteers from our community are guided by the spirit of philanthropy, the purpose of Surf City Pickleball Society is to welcome visitors who stop by and see what pickleball is all about, what an amazing amenity our parks have to offer, keeping parks and facilities clean and safe, and giving back to community, and provide an entry point for those wanting to try something new. A "rules review" is a part of what we do to help people get started with the rules of the game. This game is for all ages, all levels, and for every member of your family, residents and visitors alike to learn the sport of pickleball while in a welcoming environment in your community. A friendly greeting, a place to feel inspired,  to increase your mental/physical overall health and wellness, and especially designed for those who may not have played a sport before, or perhaps may not feel comfortable rotating into a group that has experience playing. It is our way of saying; 

Hello...neighbors and visitors welcome to Surf City USA!  

Let's play!

Youth Chair & Youth Advocate celebrate partnering with Girl Scouts and receiving her GOLD Award for raising awareness of pickleball in HB! 

Welcoming a family visiting from Japan!

Did you know that over the past 8 years pickleball is played in all of our Huntington Beach Middle Schools, 3 of our High Schools and Golden West College as part of their PE curriculums and school programs...

8 Dual Purpose Pickleball Courts for

PE Curriculum & EHS Pickleball Club



Giving Back to Community!

Annual Holiday Food & Toy Collection for Collette's Children's Home

Surf City Pickleball Tournament
Visitors on a MISSION - From Idaho, Utah and Texas! 

Court Clean Up & Maintenance!

Visitor - Dave from TEXAS

Helping HB Non-Profits!